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Besides website design and development, Sailing Stones is experienced in creating database applications for work & service orders, management, reporting, and invoicing. These range from a variety of industries: Airline, Medical, and IT. Most of these applications are proprietary and intellectual property of our clients and will not be detailed here.

HBW Resources

Worked with Tim at Colossus to bring their content and design for TEN to the web.

Consumer Energy Alliance

Energy Day

Significant Events of Texas

Updated the design Significant Events of Texas.

Sounds of the Season

Dickinson & Wheelock, P.C.

Sailing Stones was brought in for some consulting and ended up being asked to bring their web presence from 1999 to 2007. The client was great, providing content and clearly communicating what he wanted from the website and what he wanted to focus on. In this case, franchise law was what he wanted to attract people to the site and inspire inquiries about their services, Sailing Stones recommended creating a second site that would specifically focus on the areas franchise of law. We kept the firm site focused on all areas of practice and link to the franchise site where appropriate.

Bits from Dickinson & Wheelock, P.C.

Texas/Houston Franchise Attorney

To increase franchise traffic for the DW Legal firm, a separate site dedicated to franchise law was created. GoogleAds are also used to drive traffic to the site for those looking for franchise attorneys in the state of Texas.

Bits from Texas/Houston Franchise Attorney

Dallas Hearing Foundation

We have worked with them in the past on Sounds of the Season and were excited to bring this site up to date.

AccuFleet International

Atomic CrossFit

Don did a great job on the new logo. We also did a site redesign for them.


Great content for endurance training.

Surfaces Unlimited

We implemented the designs from Surfaces Unlimited into templates for the CMS.

More Energy Now

One of Sailing Stones clients, Consumer Energy Alliance, took over an unfinished project. I was asked to convert the design into a template for a Content Management System. Sailing Stones was also asked to build a form that upon completion would fax a letter from the visitor to their House Representative.

Montgomery Machine

Montgomery Machine Company needed to bring their website up to date and add a lot of content.

Popsicle People

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A more detailed writeup of the technologies used are located at the bottom of the site